What is Athletic Ketosis?

A Better Kind of Ketogenic Diet. A Different Kind of Journey.

One Client at a Time.


Your dreams shouldn’t just be dreams. You are tired of saying, “Tomorrow I will make things right.” The steps towards living the life you want and being the person you know you want to be starts Today.

 Many of you are here because you are looking to take your fitness to the next level. This could be through and by the means of weight loss, muscle gain, tightening, sculpting or all of the above. I have good news for you: You have found a system that few know about, a system that will allow for near maximal muscle gain while facilitating near maximal fat removal. This will come not by the individual pursuit of nutritional ketosis, but by following specific macromolecule partitioning combinations (gram based macros system) under and within the guidance of the Athletic Ketosis System and your coaching staff.

This diet will show you if you really want to achieve your dreams. If you want to see what’s really inside of you and if you really want to achieve success in your fat loss journey – this eating system will show you, through your own actions what you really want, no need to wonder anymore. Unlike the standard nutritional ketosis that most users follow, this system will employ higher protein levels to facilitate the building and repair of muscle tissue and traditionally lower levels of fat to both provide the energy you need, but also to fuel the ketogenic engine that will facilitate the use of fat as a primary fuel source.




 The Athletic Ketosis System, depending on individual needs, likes and schedules can utilize:

  • Intermittent Fasting, a clinically proven system which facilitates weight loss though the decreases of insulin levels, increases in human growth hormone, improves cell repair and will provide a metabolic rate boost upwards of an additional 15%.

It has been clinically shown that the benefits are maximal during a 16 hour fast for men and 14 hour fast for women. This could be done by eating all of your calories from 12pm (noon) to 8pm (males) or 10am to 8pm (women) for examples.

  • The use of Bulletproof Coffee or Bulletproof Chai. This product which will provide the purest cleanest form of Ketogenic energy/fuel that we can get, while not breaking our physiological fast, and coating our stomach and filling us up, easily allowing us to make it several hours until our fast-breaking second meal.

While these are not necessary for success in the system – they are options that are available for you that have their own advantages.

What you will need to get through this point and going forward:

Water. Lots of water. You might be used to drinking half a gallon. This is now a gallon. You might even need to drink more – we will figure out what the right amount is for your body This will be a large part of Ketosis and cleansing and being clean, hydrated and efficient.

Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium: When the body has low insulin levels it will excrete electrolytes such as sodium at a significantly accelerated rate and for this reason when in Keto – you will need to supplement your diet with more sodium or you will find yourself experiencing ‘The Keto Flu’ which can encompass lethargy and headaches. Proper sodium levels will curb or eliminate this.

When in/getting into Ketosis – Potassium will also need to be addressed and we will see what the gap is between what you get from your diet to what we need to get to in order to achieve the RDA. Lack of enough potassium can cause water retention, which leads to conditions such as edema, swelling, and thus experience ‘weight gain’. Low levels of potassium may cause conditions such as ‘weight gain’, sweating, and muscle cramps. While sodium is found primarily in the extracellular plasma, potassium is found mostly within the cells.

Too much of sweating and exercise can cause a depletion of sodium and potassium, which may lead to edema or water retention – which is why our custom nutritional plan is designed around your schedule.

What to expect once you ENTER Ketosis:

There will be an adaption period which might take several weeks but you will begin to lose weight from the very first day you begin to eat Keto-friendly and this will only accelerate. While there might be days you feel tired when you are in Ketosis – what you can expect is limitless energy, motivation and feeling happier and sun shining brighter than ever. Some days life occurs – some days you don’t get enough sleep or have a lot riding on your mind – these types of effects might overcome the keto-high of norm, but that is okay and normal – we should focus on being healthy, the rest will come.



What is Keto for our purposes?

I will explain this from an evolutionary/scientific perspective:

Currently your body uses carbohydrates (carbs) as they are your primary source of energy. If you eat it – use it or it will be stored.

Now – remember your body doesn’t know what year it is or what world it lives in. Imagine that this is the year 500. Carbs are now scarce. If carbs are scarce – how can you chase after animals, build things with big rocks and battle to survive? You simply can’t because you have no energy to use.

Now imagine that carbs are indeed scarce and it’s a resource that is no longer prevalent.

So how did the human body adapt and evolve to combat this situation? Instead of dying and letting you be overtaken – it will SWITCH itself from using carbs as the primary energy source to using fat.

This means that every action you take – moving, breathing, laughing, standing, walking, running, lifting – everything is fueled by fat.

Combined with the correct nutrition plan and a great exercise/fitness plan – this diet will build muscle, lean, tone, and drop fat like nothing you have ever experienced.

Once you are in a ketogenic state – you will experience an amount of energy unlike anything you have ever felt. LIMITLESS energy. Day until night. Never will you want a nap. The sun will be brighter and shinier. You will smile more. You will be sillier and lighter. You will be high on life.

In order to get INTO a ketogenic state – It will take 3 days of eating sub 35-40 grams of total carbs (while other systems can claim that it is 50g of carbs, for other reasons which will be explained to you, we use a lower level of carbs).

Let me explain the significance, and I can’t stress this enough. It takes 3 days to get in. Once you are in – you are in and you will be a fat burning, high on life machine. But once you go over that carb zone – your body will understand that carbs are no longer scarce and can be a source of energy and you are out of KETO. Now it will take you 3 days to get back in – though you will still be eating healthy and losing fat as you get back in.

This means – it is imperative you eat enough calories and stick to your plan. Under-eating will catch up with you and when it does you will break ketosis by eating anything you see. You will not feel as amazing and things won’t be as pleasant as you may experience fatigue due to low carb as you get back in.

Really wanted that piece of cake? Your friends are all eating it? You’ve worked hard, why not? Guess what? After you eat it – it’s long gone. You can’t taste it any longer and all that’s left is you and your keto-less body. It’s never ever worth it unless you are planning on breaking keto for the purposes of a refeed. We can and will address proper refeed days and timing –when – how, but I assure you – if you can’t be around crap and carbs – if you can’t say no – than you don’t want to actually achieve your dreams because while you want to look and feel like a Titan, but you aren’t willing to pay the toll.

If you are asking – if this is so amazing – why doesn’t everyone do it? First – many people are too weak to go the first 3 days to reach salvation and the greatest feeling of all time. They are just dreamers. You are a do-er. If you don’t have strong will – you will break and then POOF you are out of keto.

This is why having the right team supporting you and a nutrition plan with the right calories and the right macros in the right places are essential.


You will have many nutrition plans supplied to you with many options and variations of things you can choose from – You don’t have to follow the same thing every day but having an understanding of what you can eat and when so you can find your rhythm is important. It takes time to comprehend the eating and the whys – but you can and will.

You will read about Ketogenic diets utilized with great success by which are 75% fat and low protein, low fat. This diet does not suit our needs or our goals because we want to build lean muscle. This is best nutrition system for cutting fat. This is the best nutrition system for building muscle without putting on fat.

The only person standing between your dreams and you is you. Stop thinking so much. JUST DO IT.

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