An Interdisciplinary Team of Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Oriented Specialists


Leon Nemirovsky

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Black Belt Martial Artist
  • BS in Healthcare Management

Leon Nemirovsky is the founder of Athletic Nutrition Systems, Athletic Ketosis and the Athletic Ketosis System, a unique system of macromolecule composition and nutrient partitioning that enables clients to remove fat while creating muscular hypertrophy. Leon was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and began martial arts at the age of 4. Leon immigrated with him family to America during his youth. Fitness and nutrition has always been a pivotal part of Leon’s life. He has always quested for knowledge; asked questions, dug further, researched and never blindly believed what he was told, even if the source was credible. Everyone is different – their body, their life, the journey, the mindset – everything requires a unique and personal approach and what works for some, doesn’t necessary work for others. Leon leans on over a decade of direct coaching experience and he himself has been coached and trained in numerous unique training regimes. Leon’s journey was not always perfect because the world of fitness and nutrition, just like life, has many lessons to teach us and from these lessons we learn and grow and find ourselves wiser and more experienced. Martial arts, strength training and running was always the primary form of exercise which Leon engaged in, but nutrition has and always will remain the center point of any successful athletic journey. In the end it’s not about how you train, supplement, the routines and/or magical weight lifting programs you see advertised -> it’s about nutrition and having someone who is experienced in dealing with a wide array of individuals and helping them to achieve their goals. Leon is a firm believer in resistance training being paired with a quality custom nutrition plan. He is not a self proclaimed coach who has lost weight or got bigger after being frail and now feels he can successfully guide people based on his small scope of experience and knowledge – he is an individual who has successfully guided and coached thousands of people to their goals by empowering, guiding, caring and being there every step of the way for his clients.

Lynn Zepp

  • Registered Dietician
  • Licensed Dietician-Nutritionist
  • Renal-Health Clinical Dietician

Specialties: Clinical nutrition, nutrition assessment, nutrition intervention nutrition education, therapeutic diets, fitness/weight loss nutrition and dietetics.

Lynn Zepp is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for helping others achieve their health and nutrition goals. Lynn has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University, and completed her Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Lynn has spent the majority of her career as a clinical dietitian, with significant experience in the areas of renal nutrition and long-term care. Lynn uses her past experiences to make personal relationships with clients, and develop lifestyle plans to meet the specific goals of each individual. In addition to nutrition, Lynn has a passion for exercise and fitness. She is an avid runner, and enjoys using performance nutrition to give her the competitive edge.


Advisory Board: Srihari

    • Doctor of Medicine – Emergency Medicine Fellowship
    • Masters in Public Health
    • Director – Humanitarian Disaster Operations
    • Advance Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Instructor

Specialties: Clinical Research, Healthcare Research, Global Health Research, Emergency Medicine, Prehospital Care, Disaster Medicine, Emergency Management, Public Health, Humanitarian Initiatives and Humanitarian Disaster Operations.

Srihari is a versatile and focused Healthcare and Humanitarian Assistance Professional with comprehensive experience working as an emergency physician and a disaster medicine fellow with community organizations, government agencies and healthcare professionals to ensure the highest quality of patient care. He has a record of being an active emergency physician who utilizes his experience to bring about best practices for operations to a health care setting, along with experience contributing to the effectiveness of multidisciplinary medical, nutritional/fitness, and wellness teams.