What we Do


We offer personalized and custom nutrition and diet plans completely tailored to your life. The entire program is created for you from the ground up. Most coaches and programs already have the products they will be sending you generically written out- but we will work and speak with you to understand your life, schedule and what makes your life unique and the challenges and goals you face to create a nutrition plan that not only works, but has flexibility.


Our unique system of nutrition is one which promotes muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously, within the state of nutritional ketosis. Your body will become a fat burning engine and will allow you to fast tract fat loss without sacrificing any lean muscle unlike traditional ketogenic diets which often have users lose massive amounts of muscle and eat far too many calories.


Fitness programs are custom tailored to service individuals who wish to train either at-home and in the gym. Our programs offer varying levels of difficulty, structure and goals. Unlike other programs and coaches who will give you the generic cookie cutter programs tailed for the general masses – our programs are designed for hypertrophy and to create a whirlwind of growth. Every muscle fiber will be recruited and our bodybuilding program will create results unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


You no longer have to do this alone. We offer consulting services which will takes you and your business through a full-cycle nutrition service implementation: From concept to development and deployment of our plan. We additionally work with food-service providers to reformulate recipes and menus so the restaurant can proud and publicly display their menu’s nutrition facts. Our professional staff can come to your place of choice to present 60, 90 and 180 minute nutrition/diet or fitness related education seminars.


We design customized meals for you to be delivered to your doorstep every week. We partner with certified and accredited culinary businesses in your area to ensure that you are receiving the best whole food products. Our first goal is to provide your home living with healthy living with our home delivered meals. Each meal is responsibly sourced and all-natural. We are committed to providing personalized attention to you combined with a fulfilling meal experience.


For many corporations and professional institutions, it’ easy for business and work to take priority over individual and personal wellness. Failing to identify potential risk factors and early signs of health deterioration can have long term health consequences both to the individual, their family and their employers.


We work to become a wellness sponsor for your facility and organization. Part of this includes a consistency and commitment to your vision to improve the health and well being of the individuals we serve. Health is generally defined as the state of physical, mental and social well-being. We will help to develop healthcare initiatives through the promotion of your organizations core values and mission. We work with leadership and key members to engage in community health assessments, develop priorities for meeting the communities’ most significant needs, and review community health performance.


We can work with your agency to integrate not only prevention strategies but also provide nutritional, dietary, and wellness services to your employees. Work dissatisfaction and productive time loss is preventable and we take proactive steps to help improve the wellness of your agency. Our clinically trained, nutrition-minded staff creates a work-site health and wellness program to help employees improve upon and modify their lifestyles and move towards a healthier state of well-being. Our services can produce both employee and organization benefits such as lower healthcare costs, increased productivity due to significantly improved state of energy and mood, and improved employee retention rates and engagement due to a higher state of personal satisfaction rates among clients who use our wellness services. Our services include health and nutrition education, dietary services and programs tailored to each individual. We work with leadership to for promote physical activity and provide support. We can refer individuals to traditional occupational/employee health, safety or disease management services when necessary.


Do you already have a fitness plan or bodybuilding program you are part of? We can work with your current fitness coaches to ensure that you are properly fueled for training and achieving the aesthetic and performance results you are looking for. The key factor which takes an athlete to greater levels of results is their nutrition and diet-  we have you covered every step of the way.


The attention to detail and individual care you deserve to always keep you are on track.

Our team taps into multitude of fields, years of experience and perspectives to bring you a cutting edge service that works. Our team has a certified personal trainer, certified sports nutrition specialist and a competitive black belt martial artist. Our team has a one-two punch of a sports nutrition specialist and registered dietitian/nutritionist who work closely to create, customize and tailor the perfect nutrition plans for our clients.

We are dedicated and committed to bring you the results you are after.

We hope you try the services provided by Athletic Nutrition Systems and let us take you to the next level of health and wellness.

Save Time, Save Effort and Make Your Hard Work Show!

We hope you will choose to see why our custom tailored, client centered approach has worked for so many.

We have successfully designed programs for thousands of individuals from all over the world including Canada, Europe and the UK.

Our years of experience will to make the sun shine brighter in your life, while you grow stronger, healthier and lose fat and gain lean muscle week by week.

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