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Why does everyone spin their wheels for years and years unable to truly achieve their dreams while professionals time and time again shed fat for competitions after gaining weight in the off seasons? The magic is in the science of nutrition, training, consistency and the diligent support of their coaching staff.

Many of you are here because you are looking to take your fitness to the next level. This could be by the means of fat loss, muscle gain, tightening, sculpting or all of the above. I have good news for you: You have found a coaching staff that knows how to promote accelerated lean muscle gain while facilitating near maximal fat removal. This will come not by the individual pursuit of generic numbers given to you by calculators or by numbers given by individuals who only know what worked for them in their personal; health journeys –  but by following specific macromolecule partitioning combinations (gram based macro system) under and within the guidance of our professional, experienced staff.

Our professional grade custom nutrition and  fitness systems will put you in a position to TRULY achieve your dreams.

Fat Based Ketogenic Diets. Carb Based Traditional and Vegetarian Diets. Carb Cycling. Competition Dieting. Intermittent Fasting.

For individuals interested in the Ketogenic way of eating: We also present you with the Athletic Ketosis System. A Significantly Superior and Upgraded version of the traditional ketogenic diet. Unlike the standard nutritional ketosis that most users follow, this system will employ higher protein levels to facilitate the building and repair of muscle tissue and utilize lower levels of fat to both provide the energy you need, but also to fuel the ketogenic engine that will facilitate the use of fat as a primary fuel source for your body.

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How it works:

  • Our staff of fitness coaches and nutrition specialists review your answers to our preliminary questionnaire.  We will review your unique goals, preferences, and circumstances which will impact your journey with us.
  • Our lead trainers will reach out to you to get a better idea of how to custom tailor the program to your life and schedule.
  • Our lead nutritionist will create a unique custom meal plans for you as well as teach and explain to you how to create and customize your own meal plans to adapt to changes which occur in life.
  • Our lead fitness coach will deliver a custom workout plan for you that has been chosen based on your exact fitness goals you wish to attain during your journey with us.
  • Our staff will review your profile and make any suggestions which you should be aware of as you continue your journey.  Improving your health and wellness are our primary goals before anything else.
  • You will have every piece of information you need to know for your journey- from the training plan, meal plan, supplementation, to having answers for any questions you might have.
  • As a member you will have daily access to your coaches.
  • Depending on your plan, you will receive daily or weekly feedback on your progress to ensure you are always on top of everything and moving towards your goal.

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No More Generic Cookie Cutter Programs for the Masses

Maximum Fat Loss. Maximum Muscle Growth. Maximum Energy. Real Results.

You and your goals are put first and we provide the results you are looking for. Contact us today or sign up to discuss various solutions and packages and let us show you why our clients and participants experience improvements in their energy, wellbeing, mood, lifestyle and haveus in their pocket at all times.

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Experience the Benefits of the Athletic Ketosis System™

You will not just experience fat loss and muscle gain – but a physical re-composion. Your waist will become tigher and thinner. Your shoulders and biceps will bulge. Your legs will begin to get tighter and more toned. We will bring out the athletic body inside of you.
Our clients experience life changing results that transform their body, mind and give them a new outlook on life.

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"Since beginning with the weight lifting and nutritional plans of the Athletic Ketosis System, I have experienced a dramatic increase in my energy both inside and outside the gym.  Massive reductions in fat loss and I have LOVED every workout that the plan offers.  Waking up every day knowing I am making strides towards the physique of my dreams is all I could ask for and I know this is the program to take me there." -Brie

“I came here looking for a way to take my body to the next level with nutrition and a lifting plan that could help me grow in lacking areas. What I found was that I was never hungry, I was able to lift for hours and keep on going and nearly every week not only was the fat melting away but it was evident to see how my muscles were changing due to the lifting format of the programs. Fat loss, muscle gain, energy and confidence - What more could I ask for in a program?”- Cea

“I will be the first to admit I was not only  skepetical but also hesistant when I first began. The first day wasn’t the easiest but as the days went on everything began to change and I found myself living on cloud 9. My body began to transform, my lifts increased, my mood elevated and I found myself dreaming of goals far beyond those that I had before I even thought of starting this journey. I loved seeing how the fat melted away while the muscles kept on growing”. -Poe

“I have a very unique schedule because of work and family and the team at Athletic Nutrition Systems perfectly tailored the meal plans and Athletic Ketosis System to fit my life. I don’t get hungry, I am energized, I am getting more toned and lean every day and the workout programs keep my body not only guessing month to month but growing. I’ve tried a lot of diets over the years and its great to FINALLY find something that isnt a diet but is a way of eating that fits my life and gives me the energy I need and want all day.” - Samantha

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